TITLE: Only Spoken Words

Author: kellerluvstoby

Pairings: B/K

Ratings: NC-17 M/M Slash

Feedback: yes please …. kellerluvsbeecher@yahoo.com.au

Summary: Beecher plays mind games across the pod with Keller.

Disclaimers: Inspired by characters created and owned by Tom Fontana in association with HBO




Toby was watching Chris and he was watching him.  Toby was in the pod reading, Chris was watching telly with Ryan, Cyril and Hill.


Chris was mesmerized with what Toby was doing; he was running his hand up and down his stomach and chest, his eyes never leaving Chris’.


Toby slowly ran his hand up under his shirt lifting it to show Chris what he was doing.  Chris shifted in his seat and Toby smiled knowing why.  Toby continued up his chest to run his fingers lightly over his nipples, bucking his hips slightly at the touch, he slowly moved down his stomach to his groin, he pushed his hand slowly down his pants and started to rub his cock his eyes half closed but he could still see Chris watching every move he made.


This made Toby rub his cock harder and faster, he was starting to moan thinking that it was Chris doing this to him.  He suddenly opened his eyes and stared straight at Chris, he stopped what he was doing and went back to reading his book.  He slowly looked around the book to see what Chris was doing and chuckled to him self when he saw the look on his face.


Chris couldn’t believe that Toby just stopped doing his little show.  “You little fucker” Chris thought to him self.  Chris shook his head to get rid of the images that had begun to form of Toby.


It was awhile before count so Chris headed to the gym to take his frustrations out on the punching bag and to do some weights.  When Chris had finished he had a quick shower and just as he came out Murphy called “Count”.  Toby came outside the pod and smiled at him, he was not looking too impressed with Toby at all, this made Toby smile even wider and he admitted a small chuckle.


When count was over they entered their pod, Toby got up on to his bunk and picked up the book he was reading.  Chris stood there and stared at him; he shook his head and sighed.  Chris slowly took the towel from his hips and proceeded to dry him self off.  Toby stopped reading to watch Chris perform this ritual.  Chris knew that Toby was watching him; he finished drying himself and put on his boxer short, he then got onto his bunk and started to look at a much worn skin mag.


He heard Toby huff and laughed to him self, they laid there until lights out not speaking.  Chris felt the bunk move then Toby’ legs where hanging over the edge of his bed, Toby dropped to the floor and walked over to the sink he stood there for a moment looking at Chris in the mirror, Chris was watching him too. 


Toby started to get undressed, and was about to take off his pants when he felt Chris behind him.  Chris grabbed him roughly by the hips and pulled him back against his groin making them both moan.


Toby turned around to face him; he grabbed the back of his head to pull him in for a kiss.  Chris turned them around and guided Toby over to the bottom bunk, he lowered him onto it, as their bodies got hotter and their breathing faster the kisses became more and more fierce.


Chris moved down his body kissing, licking and sucking making Toby moan.  He worked Toby’ pants down over his hips, to help with this Toby lifted his ass.  By now Toby was rock hard and wanting Chris’ mouth on him.


Chris blew hot breath onto Toby’ cock making him moan, Toby grabbed the sheet and bit on his other hand to stop from crying out.  Chris sucked his cock into his mouth taking it to the back of his throat, moaning around it, making Toby shiver.


Chris placed two fingers around the base of Toby’ cock and started to move his mouth up and down his fingers moving the same way.  Toby was moaning and throwing his head from side to side, he was close and Chris knew he wouldn’t last much longer so he sped up his ministrations, Toby moaned and exploded into his mouth.  Chris crawled up Toby’ body and kissed him deep and hard.


Chris grabbed the lube from under the mattress and it to Toby’ asshole inserting two finger at once he moved them in and out slowly, moving them around and in a scissor motion loosening him up.  He applied some to his cock and placed the head at Toby’ opening, he pushed forward all the way to the Hilt moaning at the sensation of being inside Toby finally.  He bent down and kissed Toby hard licking his tongue along his bottom lip coaxing his mouth open, not that to Toby needed coaxing, he moaned into Chris mouth.


Toby wrapped his legs around Chris’ waist, thrusting upwards to meet Chris’ in thrusts, Chris started to really hammer into Toby, he licked his neck and muzzled his jaw, and he thrust into once more and came deep inside him.


Chris lay down beside Toby and pulled him close, nuzzled his shoulder kissing his way to his neck.  Toby rolled to face him and they kissed passionately, Toby pushed his groin into Chris’ thigh, he was rock hard again.


Toby knelt and moved Chris on his stomach, he put lube on his cock and Chris’ hole, and he inserted two fingers and moved them around causing Chris to moan and open his legs wider.


Toby grabbed Chris’ hips and pulled him to his hands and knees, he manoeuvred behind him and put the head of his cock at Chris’ opening and pushed forward in one motion, revelling in the sensation as he sank to the Hilt.


Toby started to move in and out of him, Chris was thrusting back into him making Toby go deeper, and Toby knew he wouldn’t last much longer so he really started to pound into Chris grunting with every thrust.


Chris pushed back onto Toby and clenches around Toby’ cock making it even tighter, making Toby moan from the friction, it was to much for Toby and he exploded into Chris.  They collapse together on to the bed out of breath.


He rolls of Chris and they lay face to face both breathing heavy.  After they had started to breath normally, Toby looked into Chris’ eyes and said “I Love You, Chris”.


“I Love you too”. Chris replied


Those were they only words spoken that night as they drifted off to sleep in each others arms.