TITLE: Not Tonight.

Author: kellerluvstoby

Pairings: B/K

Ratings: R …. Sorry people no sex in this one …. But there is some swearing.

Feedback: yes please …. kellerluvsbeecher@yahoo.com.au

Summary: Not much happens in this one

Disclaimers: Inspired by characters created and owned by Tom Fontana in association with HBO



“Fuckin Said” Chris said to Toby


“Chris calm down” Toby soothed


“I’m sick and fuckin tired of you listening to that fuck” Chris replied trying to control his anger. “It shouldn’t matter what anyone says as long as were together and love each other” Chris stormed


Toby put his hands on Chris’ shoulders and said “I know”.


“Then why do you listen to him?” Chris asked


“If I listened to him, would I be here with you” Toby said with a smile.


“Guess not” he replied


“Well then why are we still talking about it” Toby asked.


“You bought it up” Chris answered him


“I know and I’m sorry” Toby said “lets talk about something else” he added as he got onto the top bunk.


“Like what” Chris said with a frown on his face


“Don’t Know” Toby said with a shrug


“I know a game we can play” Chris said with a smile


“Yeah, what’s it called?” Toby asked as he hung his head over the edge of the bunk to look at Chris.


“It’s called….. Come down here and Fuck me” he said with a laugh


Toby shook his head and said that he was still sore from their three romps that they’d had that day.


“Spoil Sport” Chris said.


Toby chuckled at that remark and sat back up on his bunk.  “We can play that game tomorrow night, I promise” he said “as many times as you like”.  Chris smiled at that.


“Besides it might be good for us to get a good nights sleep, so we can be up all night tomorrow”, Toby said seductively.


Chris thought about this and said “That a good point”.


“Well go to sleep then”. Toby said


“Yes Mum” Chris said sarcastically


“Smart ass” Toby said with a smile


“Toby?” Chris said


“Yeah” was the reply


“Never mind go to sleep” Chris whispered


“Ok, good night Chris” Toby said with a yawn


“Nite Tobe” he replied


They lay there for awhile, not going to sleep but waiting for the other to talk, when Chris said “Toby, you awake?”


“Yeah, what’s up?” he said


“Never mind” Chris said


“Ok” Toby replied turning to face the wall of the pod


“Nite Tobe” Chris said


“Nite Chris” he replied


“Toby” Chris said


“Yeah” Toby said


“I Love You” Chris said to him


“I Love you too, Chris” Toby said as he said drifted off to sleep.